5 Secrets to Staying Healthy on Your Honeymoon

Jan 14, 2019

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When my sister, Courtney, and I were in Croatia over the summer, the topic of staying healthy while traveling came up. For as long as I can remember, Court has always gotten sick when she travels. She admits that it’s probably partially stress-induced, but nonetheless, it’s caused a lot of frustration and missed opportunities for her over the years.

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Courtney & I in Croatia, July 2018

In 2017, she and her husband, Dustin, honeymooned in Thailand and she told me “It was one of the worst trips for me health-wise. Not only did I deal with two infections that affected both my departing and returning international flights, but I also got a stomach bug that had me throwing up all night toward the end of the trip.” Because of how frustrated she was on her honeymoon, she decided to put some extra energy into staying healthy while in Europe for six weeks this summer. After going the full six weeks without any major illnesses, I wanted to share what she changed this time around.

So, here are Court’s tried and true tips for staying healthy while traveling:

Take Vitamin C | Take good care of your immune system, and start stocking up on the Vitamin C a good week before you leave for your honeymoon. Keep taking it regularly so that your white blood cells can continue to reap the benefits of it. Just remember to keep all medications, including vitamins, in their original packages to prevent any issues as you cross borders!

Bring probiotics, AZO Yeast, & AZO Cranberry | This will probably cross into the realm of TMI for some, but all I’ll say is an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and you don’t want to roll the dice on this one. If you’ve never used these products before, just follow the recommended dosages on the packaging! Here are a few great options to stock up on before your next trip:


Maintain balanced eating and sleeping habits | Yes, I get it… you’re on your honeymoon! You want to enjoy EVERYTHING! But trust me, your body will break down if you don’t treat it well. Go ahead and indulge, but remember that what you put into your body is crucial to keeping it healthy. Eat balanced portions, try not to eat junk food ALL the time, and drink lots of water. Read that one more time… drink lots of water. Oh, and get your rest! No one stays healthy without getting enough sleep!

Visit your doctor before you go | This will do two things for you. One, it will give you the opportunity to get any necessary vaccines you may need. And two, it will give you a chance to get prescriptions to prevent things like stomach bugs and motion sickness.

Pack a first aid kit | When it comes to packing a first aid kit, it’s okay to go a bit overboard. Plan for the worst so that you don’t have to trudge to the pharmacy the second something comes up (which can be especially daunting if you’re in a foreign country). Fill your kit with things like antihistamines, painkillers, cold medicine, antidiarrheals, antacids, laxatives, motion sickness meds, antifungal/antibacterial creams, eye drops… you get the picture. Even if you don’t regularly deal with these ailments, you’ll be happy you’re prepared in case that weird new cuisine catches you off guard, for example.

What kinds of things do you do to stay healthy when traveling? Send me an email at hello@tigerlilyphotomn.com or comment on our social media, we’d love to hear your ideas!

PSA: It should be noted that this is NOT medical advice, nor has it been evaluated by a medical professional. These are simply recommendations that we have tried ourselves and found helpful. Please talk to your physician if you have questions about any of this!