We get commissions for purchases made through the links in this post. When my sister, Courtney, and I were in Croatia over the summer, the topic of staying healthy while traveling came up. For as long as I can remember, Court has always gotten sick when she travels. She admits that it’s probably partially stress-induced, […]

If you’ve ever seen those perfectly warm, glowing photos and wondered how they came to look so dreamy, then you’ve probably seen pictures taken during the almighty golden hour. It’s that hazy, peaceful time of the day just after the sun rises or shortly before it sets. The low light is nature’s perfect Insta filter […]

Hiring your wedding photographer is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make for your wedding! These images are one of the few things that will live on long after your day is done and it’s important that you choose someone who will capture your day well. These are my top three things to look into […]

Alright friends, I’m going to address a touchy subject today. I need to talk to you guys about banning phones, cameras, iPads, and the like during your ceremony. I get it, believe me. I completely understand that urge to snap a photo of something as beautiful and moving as the union of two people (hello, […]

Planning your honeymoon doesn’t have to be super stressful! Below are a few tips that can help ensure your post-wedding getaway is as perfect (and stress-free) as can be! Set a budget and stick to it | Coming back from your honeymoon with a pile of debt is no way to start married life. No matter […]