Should I Have a First Look?

Mar 4, 2019


There’s the short answer… Now for the longer answer.

If you are planning on having the photos done before your ceremony (AKA you’re not waiting until the ceremony to see your fiance) then you should definitely plan for a first look. For a lot of couples, this is a special time when they see each other for the first time the day of the wedding. Sometimes couples exchange a letter or gift, other times couples just meet and soak up these quiet first moments together. Either way, it’s a chance for you and your babe to kick off the day together.

I have yet to meet a couple who has regretted having a first look. If anything, those who were initially hesitant about it realize almost instantly that it was totally worth it to do. It’s easy to get caught up and lose focus on the real meaning of the day, so take this opportunity to start your day right–with the love of your life.

If I don’t have you convinced yet, here are a few reasons to go with a first look:


You’ll capture all the emotion of that first time seeing one another.


All the oohs and ahhs…


And all the happy tears.


You’ll always be able to remember back to those tender first moments together.


And you’ll be able to see the look on their face again and again and again.


First looks aren’t just reserved for your spouse…


Sometimes the best reactions come from the girls who have been by your side longer than your fiance has been.


Get everybody in on the fun and capture their priceless reactions FOREVER! 


The possibilities are practically endless, so take advantage of this opportunity to really knock the socks off everyone around you on your wedding day!