The Art of the Slow Kiss

Aug 15, 2018

If you’re gearing up for your first photo shoot with your partner, start brushing up on your slow-mo kissing skills. This little secret is the key to capturing those dreamy moments before, during and after a kiss!
In all honesty, kissing isn’t all that attractive if you’re just smashing into each other’s faces, so take some time right now to practice the slowest kiss of your life.
  1. Keep smiling as you begin to snuggle in.
  2. With your eyes closed, move your faces closer and closer until you’re just a few inches from one another.
  3. Keep your face relaxed and happy, and hold that position for just a few seconds – lips alllmost touching.
  4. Slowly touch your lips to your partners and imagine kissing in slow motion.
It will totally feel weird at first, but, trust me, it will feel even weirder if you’re doing it in front of your photographer (hiiii) for the first time.
Go ahead, let the giggles out and get comfortable with slowing things wayyy down.