Maplelag Resort Wedding | Katelyn & Anthony | June 8, 2019

Jun 10, 2019

The Backstory
I’ve known Katelyn since she was just teeny, tiny little peanut. We were neighbors for a few years growing up and we both danced at Center Stage Dance Academy throughout our entire elementary, middle, and high school careers (although I’m MUCH older than her)! She’s always been someone I’ve cared about, so I wanted to make sure she was marrying the best of the best. I met Anthony at their engagement session last summer and I was basically in tears the entire time because Katelyn had truly found such a wonderful man to marry! They are perfect for one another.

The Big Day
We knew there was a chance for thunderstorms on Saturday, but all of us remained cautiously optimistic as the radar kept pushing the storms back farther and farther. Katelyn and Anthony decided to keep their 4:30 ceremony outside because the forecast said it wasn’t going to rain until after 6:00 pm! We actually had bright blue, sunny skies for most of the afternoon, so Andrew and I were just praying the forecast was going to be wrong altogether and that there would be no rain at all!

The radar was wrong but, unfortunately, the rain came earlier than expected. Towards the middle of their ceremony, we started seeing a few sprinkles. Guests quietly grabbed their umbrellas or moved under trees and everything continued as usual! However, as the minutes went on, I think we all began to realize something huge was coming our way.

Their wonderful officiant, thinking quickly on his feet, decided to cut the ceremony a little short and Katelyn and Anthony were able to exchange rings, say their vows and give each other the most wonderful kiss in the pouring rain! They were both laughing and smiling so big as they ran down the aisle together! Everyone got absolutely soaked to the core, but it was a wedding no one will ever forget!

After the Rain
To find cover from the tsunami-like downpour we were experiencing, guests were running as fast as they could to either their cars, the nearest cabin, or to the reception building, which was about a quarter of a mile from the ceremony site! Thankfully, Maplelag Resort was the perfect location for this to happen at because they had a massive supply of towels to share with the guests (…which also allowed us to dry our soaking cameras)! Thank you to the Maplelag staff for being so great to work with during this unexpected turn of events!

Katelyn and Anthony handled this huge surprise with the most gracious and happy hearts. They enjoyed every single moment of their day and didn’t let the crazy weather stop them from celebrating their love with the people they care about the most! They had the same huge smiles on their faces during the sunshiney morning and in the middle of the rainy evening. I sincerely hope this is exactly how they handle life together as a married couple because it will serve them so, so well! My mom always told me it’s not about what happens to you, it’s how you respond that matters and these two responded in the best possible way.

Change of Plans
Katelyn and Anthony originally weren’t planning to do a first look but, on the day of the wedding, Katelyn had this gut feeling that she needed to see Anthony before the ceremony. So, that day, we made a little shift to the timeline and included a first look. Because of that change, we were able to finish all of their bridal party portraits before the ceremony. After the downpour, we were so thankful for Katelyn’s intuition and her willingness to be flexible with her original plans because, without that change, all of her photos with Anthony would have been post-rain!

Katelyn and Anthony, congratulations on your wedding! I’m so thankful we were a part of your special day, thank you for reminding us how we should always respond in the face of adversity! We love you guys!

Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom to see the incredible vendors who made their day possible!

Vendor Team
Photography: Tiger Lily Photography | Emily & Andrew
Videography: Mark Everson
Venue: Maplelag Resort
Coordinator: Jonell Richards at Maplelag
Florals: Jonell Richards at Maplelag
Hair: Nicole’s Hair and Body | Nicole Bridgeman
Makeup: Mandy Cymbaluk
Wedding Dress: Alan Evans Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses: Birdy Grey
Tuxes: The Black Tux
Cake: Maplelag Resort
DJ: Dan Kenyon