My Latest Travel Obsession: Shampoo Bars

Mar 27, 2019

If you haven’t yet tried a shampoo bar, you are missing out, my friend! I discovered these recently and fell in love the very first time I used them. I first learned of them when I was traveling–of all things–and I was so mad that I didn’t hear about these amazing products before I left home! They would have seriously saved some room in my luggage, along with easing the very rational fear of opening my bag and finding that the cap came off my shampoo bottle.

I can’t say that I have a lot of experience with a number of different brands, but the bars that I bought from Lush are absolutely heavenly! They offer a pretty large selection of bars and other fun novelties…which I’d also love to test out in the future. The two bars that I tried are super cute and they smell delish, and Lush claims that they’ll last 80 washes! (In terms of trips, that’s a lot of washes!!)

I’d love to hear about other shampoo or conditioner bars out there! If you’ve tried one and had luck with it, drop me a note! Next up on solids that I MUST try: perfume sticks!

A small side note for those with coarse, thick, or curly hair, you might struggle with adjusting to the conditioner bar. My sister tells me that she could transition to using the shampoo bar all the time, but the conditioner bar is a little harder to get used to because it doesn’t provide that rich detangling effect that liquid conditioner does. This may not be a big deal for all of you, but I figured I should at least mention it.