6 Things to Bring to Your Engagement Session

Sep 10, 2018

  1. The ring | This seems obvious, but be sure to have your engagement ring with you. If your jeweler offers free ring cleanings, bring it in for a quick polish shortly before your shoot. You want that thing to be its sparkliest for all those close-ups!
  2. Props | If you want to take any photos with signs, banners, or other kinds of props, be sure you pack them the night before the shoot. If you’re thinking about taking a couple photos specifically for your save-the-dates, have everything written/drawn out ahead of time. You don’t want to spend precious time doing any of the prep work that could have been done beforehand!
    Pro tip: If you have a friend who knows calligraphy or has some seriously gorgeous penmanship, see if they’d be willing to write out your wedding date on that chalk board or banner! It will really bump your photos up a notch!
  3. Inspo | You may have a few poses that you’re dying to have for yourselves. Don’t be shy about asking to get a certain shot. These are your engagement photos after all, and you don’t want to leave wishing you had asked! We love when couples know what they want and are comfortable sharing that with us!
  4. Snacks (and caffeine, if applicable) | Be sure to have a bite to eat before you come to your engagement session. We get that not everybody loves having their pictures taken, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned through the years, it’s that being hangry does NOT help in that department. Just don’t eat a huge meal right before, or you’ll probably feel bloated and sluggish for the session. Instead, think high protein snacks that will keep you feeling satisfied through the shoot, and then plan to go out afterward and have a celebratory meal for checking off another box on the wedding planning checklist!
  5. Extras of everything | Even if you’re coming straight from home or the salon with fresh makeup and hair, be sure to bring along your beauty essentials just in case. You might also want to consider bringing extra outfits or accessories, tissues, a mirror, bug spray if we’ll be outside, and anything else that will allow you to be prepared.
  6. Good vibes | As with anything, head into your engagement shoot with an open mind and a positive attitude. It’s easy to get caught up in the little things that stress us out, but if you take a minute to close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and visualize all the wonderful things in store for you and your fiance, those little worries may suddenly seem a lot less important to you. We’ll all have more fun if you allow yourself to relax and enjoy it, and I promise us photographers will do everything we can to make your shoot seem effortless if you let us!


Bonus: Bring your pup! I love a good dog snuggling session, so feel free to bring your pooch! I recommend having him or her in about 20-30% of your photos!