If you’ve ever seen those perfectly warm, glowing photos and wondered how they came to look so dreamy, then you’ve probably seen pictures taken during the almighty golden hour. It’s that hazy, peaceful time of the day just after the sun rises or shortly before it sets. The low light is nature’s perfect Insta filter […]

Hiring your wedding photographer is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make for your wedding! These images are one of the few things that will live on long after your day is done and it’s important that you choose someone who will capture your day well. These are my top three things to look into […]

Alright friends, I’m going to address a touchy subject today. I need to talk to you guys about banning phones, cameras, iPads, and the like during your ceremony. I get it, believe me. I completely understand that urge to snap a photo of something as beautiful and moving as the union of two people (hello, […]

24 Hours in Venice

Sep 20, 2018

When I traveled through Croatia and northern Italy this summer with my sister and brother-in-law, Venice was my last stop before heading back home. I had been told by a few people that it was a little “underwhelming” so I really didn’t expect much out of the City of Canals, but I was sooo wrong. […]

The ring | This seems obvious, but be sure to have your engagement ring with you. If your jeweler offers free ring cleanings, bring it in for a quick polish shortly before your shoot. You want that thing to be its sparkliest for all those close-ups! Props | If you want to take any photos […]

I’ve been asked so many times “why did you choose to name your business Tiger Lily Photography?” The short answer to that question is that it serves as a tribute to my beautiful grandma, Dori. The long answer goes a little deeper. Before my grandma was diagnosed with dementia, you could almost always find her […]

If I can just fangirl for a hot second, I absolutely LOVE using HoneyBook. This software has completely changed the way I do almost everything in my business since the first time I started using it back in April of 2017. Even now, I still feel like I’m learning so many fun new ways to […]

We’ve all been there, it’s the end of November and all of a sudden you realize you don’t have any good family photos to use for the holiday card. Panic sets in and you decide to set up the ol’ self timer on your iPhone 6 and hope for the best… This is where mini sessions […]

If you’re gearing up for your first photo shoot with your partner, start brushing up on your slow-mo kissing skills. This little secret is the key to capturing those dreamy moments before, during and after a kiss! In all honesty, kissing isn’t all that attractive if you’re just smashing into each other’s faces, so take […]

Boudoir photography can feel intimidating and empowering all at once and it’s totally normal to feel both of these emotions leading up to your session! However, my goal as yourboudoir photographer is to help you feel empowered, strong, and beautiful –not intimidated–so there are a few things I want all my gorgeous gals to know […]